30 Day Challenge Post #9


This goes hand in hand with Post #4 – whenever I hear music  I want to dance.  I love watching any show that has dance in it – especially my “Dancing with the Stars” and the Young & Talented kids on “So you think you can dance…”  I think I might have been a dancer in one of my other lives J and it has carried through to this one.  Today I’m grateful for Dance.  I might not be as coordinated or talented, but I do love to dance and to me just being able to get up and dance to my hearts content is truly a blessing.

30 Day Challenge Post #4

Music.  Something that I have to have in my life and something that has always spoken to me.  Now I can’t sing a tune to save my life, but I sure do belt out a mean tune in the shower or rock it like a rock star in the car.  Music makes me feel like I’m never alone as there is always a song that expresses exactly what I’m feeling at any given moment in my life.  It’s my feel good delight that I never want to live without.  Today I’m grateful to have music that moves my soul.