30 Day Challenge Post #8

“I also believe that parents, if they love you, will hold you up safely, above their swirling waters, and sometimes that means you’ll never know what they endured, and you may treat them unkindly, in a way you otherwise wouldn’t.” ― Mitch Albom, For One More Day

Today I’m grateful for my parents.  For they helped me the most in my life, even when I didn’t ask for it, and for that they deserve much more than what I did to them when I was a teen and early “know it all” young adult.  Thank You for being my parents – I wouldn’t change that for anything.  Love, K

30 Day Challenge Post #7


For a brief moment today I was thinking about my “woes” in life when I came across this picture/quote that made me stop dead in my tracks.  It was my sign today, the ever reminder that makes me turn my train of thought back to what I have and what I am TODAY.  Today I’m grateful for a shelter, whatever that may be, over my head.  The food I can buy and eat every day.  The Blanket, the warmth, the family, the friends…the list could go on.  My cup has runneth over and I will not ask for more than I need.

30 Day Challenge Post #6

“Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety.” ~Benjamin Franklin

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.” ~Patrick Henry

I won’t get into my political views or force my thoughts on anyone else, but as I go forth to vote today I am reminded of my 2 favorite quotes from our Founding Fathers – Benjamin Franklin and Patrick Henry.   My hope is that we, the people, start coming together and make changes in our government before we no longer have a choice in the matter.  We are still a good country, but not GREAT anymore.  Today I am grateful for the opportunity to vote, as a United State of America Citizen and as a woman.  I will not take my rights for grated nor will I just not sit back and allow this county that I love so much…go without a fight.

30 Day Challenge Post #5

I found this quote today and I thought this is exactly what I want – to NOT live in my past.  Nor do I want to be judged for it.  I am trying to learn from my mistakes, Lord knows I’ve made a FEW, but I want to live in the present and dream for my future.  It also reminds me to not judge others.  Today I am grateful for my future and to not live in my past.  To hope that what I do today will reflect my growth and not be judged for my marred past that I cannot change…but to only grow from it.

Nov. 2, 2012 Gratitude Post #2

Today was overcast, something us Michigander’s know a lot about, and try to get out in the outdoors as much as possible when the weather breaks.  What I found interesting was the fact that there was this monstrous black cloud as I was driving into work and surrounding it was the bluest sky that was shining bright with the early November sun.  As the day progressed the sun hasn’t been able to peek one little ray of light out of the clouds, but that one moment reminds me to be thankful for the dark and the light.  For what is hidden in the dark will always be revealed in the light.  Today I’m grateful for the Light.


The 30 Day Challenge

October 31st, 2012 was the first Halloween where I didn’t decorate my home, crave a pumpkin, or even pass out candy.  It’s not the first time this year where I didn’t do what I’ve loved to do my entire life.  What I did was go to a Finance Education Workshop and had the pleasure to listen to a great speaker named Katie O’Brien.  Now there wasn’t any one thing that was discussed in the workshop that I would say inspired me, but what I did get was a great vibe to renew my spirit.

My Spirit?  I’ve lost mine somewhere along the way.  And as I was listening to the speaker I kept thinking about my attitude and how negative I’ve been or have become.  I truly believe that what you think is what you draw into your life.  Negative breeds Negative and Positive breeds Positive.

Now I won’t get into the nitty gritty of my life but I do know that it’s a journey and for me I’ve taken the backseat in my own life.  Because of that, my spirit has been snuffed out a bit, the light has been dimmed, and I started to think about this and how stuck I’ve felt in my life.  For me it’s not as easy as shifting gears and moving in a new direction.  It’s harder because I’ve made a choice that is having the effect on someone else, but in my heart I know it’s the right thing to do.  Still doesn’t make it any easier.  I’m battling myself, them, and having to deal with choice and also the added guilt of my own thoughts and of those that I’m hurting.

With that said, I’ve had to figure out a way to keep myself motivated and to continue to find some positive outlets… and I haven’t, I’ve been dwelling.  So I decided one small step was all I needed.  Didn’t matter what, but I needed to do this like my life depended on it.

So, my goal for November is to do a 30 day Gratitude Challenge.  Life is a journey and you learn by the peaks and valleys in your life.  Some people call them highs and lows, but I like the peak/valley sound of it as I think life is like that.  You sometimes feel like you are on top of the world and then something happens and you fall back down.  So how can I keep some even momentum going – for me it was with gratitude.  I needed to remind myself every day that there was something to be grateful for and write about it.   So today I start my challenge.  I challenge you to start something yourself and take the journey with me.

November 1st, 2012 – Today I am grateful that I’ve found a spark of hope and to move out of the dark and into the light.


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