30 Day Challenge Post #18

Last night I found myself driving in the thickest fog I’ve ever seen.  It was very late in the evening or more less very early this morning – 1amish and even coming through an area I was knew was completely blanketed with fog and unrecognizable to me.  I’ve driven this area several times and I was amazed that there were no other cars on the highway, which as was out of sort to this route.  About 10 minutes into my hour in a half drive a trucker came onto the freeway via an on ramp and I got behind him and never lost sight of his back trailer.  It was pretty scary and all I have to say is last night he was my guarding angel through the blacken and foggy night.  So today I’m grateful for this angel driver who let me tail him all the way home and never tried to shake me so I would arrive safe and sound.  I don’t know who you were,  but I hope you arrived safely to your own home this morning.

Nov. 2, 2012 Gratitude Post #2

Today was overcast, something us Michigander’s know a lot about, and try to get out in the outdoors as much as possible when the weather breaks.  What I found interesting was the fact that there was this monstrous black cloud as I was driving into work and surrounding it was the bluest sky that was shining bright with the early November sun.  As the day progressed the sun hasn’t been able to peek one little ray of light out of the clouds, but that one moment reminds me to be thankful for the dark and the light.  For what is hidden in the dark will always be revealed in the light.  Today I’m grateful for the Light.