Join me in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

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Help me reach my goal for the Susan G. Komen Michigan 3-Day

” title=”Join me in the Fight Against Breast Cancer”>Join me in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

I am walking in the Michigan Komen’s 3-Day.  Join me in the fight and donate today.  Big or Small efforts are much appreciated and will not go unnoticed.  

Love Michigan. There is no place like home and if the mitten fits…

Happy Birthday to Me…

Today is my Birthday, but also my New Year.  I decided that I was going to make one change this year (ok I really have many but that is for another post).  From this year forward I would start my New Year on my birthday – Jan. 31st!

It’s 31 days after the official New Year, but without the pressure.  This way I could celebrate with the best of them and then wake up on the 1st of January without the gripping feeling of panic that I needed to fulfill some sort of “New Year Resolution(s)” ~ granted that I don’t really make resolutions, but I still felt like the pressure was on.

So today…it’s Happy Birthday to me and Happy New Year.  May the year bring me health, wealth, happiness, and new spirit of finding my purpose. 

I feel like my spirit is asking to be explored more deeply.  I’m not really sure what it’s trying to say, but I know that I beginning to listen to it again.  I’m just not sure when I stopped listening?  I pray that I have the strength to truly be awakened by it and to find the meaning of my “Personal Legend.” (The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho)

So…the journey begins.

Happy Trails…

Born to Run

“We gotta get out while were young

`cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run”

(in the words of Bruce Springsteen “Born to Run”)

I took a bit of a hiatus from my running (and zumba) over the past 2 weeks.  I did get one or two runs in there, but for some reason I just couldn’t get myself motivated to do it and it.

I never really considered myself a runner.  Actually, never thought I’d run a 5k, let alone continue running after that race, but for some reason I do enjoy the HIGH from getting out there and talking myself through the moments when I want to stop and walk the rest of the way home.

I don’t think its bad to take a break, no more than 2 weeks for any exercise, to give my body a break.  It allows me to heal a bit if I’ve pushed it too hard and allows me to do something else so that my muscle memory is ever-changing.  And lord knows the muscle memory in the head sometimes needs a break too, since I seem to be less motivated on exercising that sometimes. 🙂

Now don’t start thinking I’ve become this exercise freak who is just whittling down into nothing, cause that so not what I am doing.  My refrigerator held 12 scrumptious Sugar High Cupcakes (yes my favorite cupcake shop) for me to devour (taste test 🙂 over the past few days… but at least it kicked my but into saying – “you eat those, you’re gonna need to do something healthy to counter balance that act.”

You see my motto is…everything in moderation.  Enjoy life.  Eat a little of everything, but not a lot of anything.  Of course sometimes I will over indulge, but I do try to keep the above in mind most of the time.

It’s all about balance in this life and Lord knows I could use a little more.  But this life is about lessons and we all have them to learn.  Mine will be different from yours and someone elses will be different again  So…

Today I am strong and able,

so let me do what I might not be able to do tomorrow.

~katie frank

Until next time~Happy Trails, K

Moving Day…

Today we moved, after a much-anticipated change of dates since January, into our new space at work.  It’s in a new building and as much as I hate moving, I’m actually looking forward to our new area.  I think it will help revive a few spirits and allow us to feel like we are getting bigger and better within our department.

My back is to the windows, so if I need to get a change of view or just a breather for a moment, I swivel my chair and see the sky as you see here.  Now realize that the picture wasn’t that great, 1. because it was taken off my BB, and 2. because it was an overcast day, but any window view is a good window view, right!

Unfortunately the move today has wiped me out and made my day VERY LONG.  So tonight I’m going to just relax, and just maybe, I can muster up enough energy to run a piping hot bath to sooth my sore muscles.

Until Next time…

Happy Trails

Hello and Welcome…

My name is Katie, but I go by many others… Kathryn, Kay, KeeKee (thank you Bailey), and Kat (work), and even Katmandu.  I decided it was time to get serious about my writing and this blog is really just about me, my thoughts, and what’s happening in my life ~ at any given moment.

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious ~ one never knows.  I hope to dive a little deeper into what I see and hear all around me and start exploring my senses through writing and sometimes photo’s.

I’m not sure where this will lead and I don’t have any one topic in mind, but I feel I’m a Jack of All, Master of Some so let’s see where this will go…

So until next time,

Happy Trails…