30 Day Gratitude Challenge Post #29

I see the moon and the moon sees me. And how everything comes onto the light. Today I am thankful for the moon and the light has shown tonight.

30 Day Gratitude Challenge Post #28

They say that you should learn something new everyday and this will help your mind stay active and lesson the chance of Dementia later on in your life.  Over the past few years Dementia has reared it ugly head on my dad’s side of the family – first with my grandmother, then her sister (my aunt), and I fear it might be starting to show signs in my dad.

Now it’s hard to tell because my dad has so many health issues, but mostly heart, back, and legs, that the mind wasn’t one we were watching for – but seems with the history we should keep vigil watch over this disease.  It’s scary to me too, since I feel like I am overwhelmed, stressed and forgetful at times.  I can only hope that I am trying to exercise my mind everyday and am making myself more aware of the signs.

Today I’m grateful to still be able to find new things to learn and recognize how important it is to not only exercise the body, but that grey stuff between my ears. 🙂