Moving Day…

Today we moved, after a much-anticipated change of dates since January, into our new space at work.  It’s in a new building and as much as I hate moving, I’m actually looking forward to our new area.  I think it will help revive a few spirits and allow us to feel like we are getting bigger and better within our department.

My back is to the windows, so if I need to get a change of view or just a breather for a moment, I swivel my chair and see the sky as you see here.  Now realize that the picture wasn’t that great, 1. because it was taken off my BB, and 2. because it was an overcast day, but any window view is a good window view, right!

Unfortunately the move today has wiped me out and made my day VERY LONG.  So tonight I’m going to just relax, and just maybe, I can muster up enough energy to run a piping hot bath to sooth my sore muscles.

Until Next time…

Happy Trails

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